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A robust portfolio of component technologies from industry-recognizable Lubrizol brands enables customers to enhance the performance, productivity, and sustainability benefits of their coatings products.

Imagen de cartel de dispersantes


Lubrizol offers a robust portfolio of dispersant technologies for coatings, inks, and composites to meet diverse formulation needs.

Soluciones formuladas

Lubrizol collaborates with customers on fully formulated coating solutions to meet specific performance requirements.

Resinas y aglutinantes

An extensive product line of resin and binder technologies for coatings and inks offers formulators new opportunities.

Aditivos especializados

Corrosion inhibitors, adhesion promoters, rheology control agents, flow and leveling agents, static control additives, and humectants.

Aditivos de cera

Surface modifying technologies tailor the appearance, feel, slip, abrasion resistance and overall durability of coatings and inks.