Diamond Dispersions™ Color Dispersions

Color dispersions are an important building block of high-quality and high-performing inkjet inks for digital printing, and Lubrizol is dedicated to providing printer OEMs and ink manufacturers with the latest color dispersions technology.

Our Diamond Dispersions™ brand of water-based pigmented ink dispersions and disperse-dye ink dispersions are formulated to meet the ever-changing and demanding requirements of the dynamic digital inks market. These advanced color dispersions enable today's digital inks to revolutionize printing capabilities for a range of print applications, including textile, paper, and film substrates.

As a leader in surface chemistry with a thorough understanding of layer interaction between substrate, coatings, and inks, Lubrizol is well-positioned to help digital inks attain a highly optimized balance of print efficiency, quality, and durability. Count on our Diamond Dispersions color dispersions to deliver the critical performance required for advanced digital inks.

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