The Lubrizol Corporation, una compañía de Berkshire Hathaway, proporciona una ciencia sin igual que da lugar a inmensas posibilidades a nivel molecular. Nuestras soluciones se encuentran en productos que usamos todos los días, lo que genera resultados sostenibles y medibles para ayudar al mundo a Move Cleaner, Create Smarter y Live Better. Nuestro negocio se compone de dos segmentos:  Lubrizol Additives y Lubrizol Advanced Materials.



The Lubrizol Corporation: Our Mission to Help the World Move Cleaner, Create Smarter & Live Better


Our Two Business Segments

Fast Facts

CEO: Eric R. Schnur

Employees worldwide: approximately 8,800

Countries in which we sell: More than 100

Number of facilities: More than 100 globally

Year founded: 1928

Headquarters: Wickliffe, Ohio USA

Lubrizol Fact Sheet

Corporate Report

Move. Create. Live.

The Lubrizol 2020 Corporate Report highlights the company’s mission to help the world Move Cleaner, Create Smarter and Live Better, all tied to bold goals that further the company’s longstanding commitment to sustainability. 

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Half of the vehicles on the planet rely on Lubrizol science. We partner with market leaders to address a wide variety of vehicle needs, including improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and enhancing engine reliability and durability. We are known the world over for our expertise in helping make vehicles work better – for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, off-highway vehicles and ships.

We also help create new formulations for electrical systems and battery applications to serve the growing hybrid/electric vehicle market. For industrial applications, Lubrizol additives are used for hydraulic, industrial gear, turbine, grease, metal processing and metal protection applications – helping those operations run efficiently and ensuring machine reliability and durability.

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Advanced Materials

Half of the world’s consumers use at least one of the products produced by our Advanced Materials segment. Our materials improve the performance, compatibility, reliability, and efficacy in products around the globe. 

For health applications, our products ensure the durability and performance of life-saving medical devices and can provide targeted drug delivery of active pharmaceuticals. For health and beauty applications, our materials make shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer and skin cream, smoother and easier to apply, while reducing the impact on the environment. In the home, our products are used in detergents and other cleaners to improve surface cleanliness and durability and reduce water use. We also create ingredients that are used in nutraceuticals to improve the absorption of nutrients into the body for enhanced health and wellness.

Our materials enable easy-to-install plumbing systems that deliver safe drinking water in homes and commercial properties across the world. Our recyclable, durable polymers are found in electronics, including mobile phones, in auto interiors and within a variety of surface-protection applications. Our materials also are leveraged for building and construction, consumables, textiles, and consumer durable goods. Finally, our ingredients are used for safer industrial and automotive coatings, as well as food packaging, and used to improve the performance and color consistency of inks for digital printing across many industries.