Permax™ 805B   PVC/PVDC Emulsion

Emulsión de cloruro de vinilo

Permax™ 805B is an APE-free, low VOC, small particle size vinylidene chloride acrylate copolymer emulsion that displays extremely low moisture vapor permeability and excellent corrosion resistance. Permax™ 805B can be used to produce materials intended to come into contact with drinking water. (*) Permax™ 805B exhibits longer shelf stability than traditional vinylidene containing polymers. This polymer demonstrates corrosion protection and adhesion over a variety of metal substrates. Primers formulated with Permax™ 805B emulsion can be top coated with conventional acrylic topcoats for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.

Regional Availability: EMEAI

  • Industrial OEM Coatings 
  • Recubrimientos protectores 
  • Transportation Coatings 
  • Sin APEO
  • Bajo VOC (compuestos orgánicos volátiles)
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