Aptalon™ 9911   Reactive Polyamide

100% active Hydroxyl-Functional Polyol

Aptalon™ 9911 is a 100% active hydroxyl functional polyol based on Lubrizol's revolutionary Aptalon Polyamide technology. This technology can be used to solve the most demanding of coatings challenges, giving exciting new levels of performance across a diverse range of surfaces and applications. • Hydroxyl terminated polyamide oligomer • Designed for use with isocyanate reactive systems • Aptalon 9911 offer good chemical resistance, excellent hydrolytic stability, high hardness and good mechanical properties. • Offers lower viscosity and Tg compared to other Polyols. Aptalon Polyols can be used to create polyurethanes for a wide range of applications including • Coatings Resins • Adhesives • Foams

Regional Availability: Asia Pacífico EMEAI América del Norte

  • Packaging Adhesives 
  • Industrial OEM Coatings 
  • Recubrimientos protectores 
  • Transportation Coatings 
  • Termoestables 
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