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Protective Coatings: “Sustainability is One of the Biggest Trends”

Jonathan Bird, Global Marketing Manager for Resins & Polymers, The Performance Coatings Group, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, talks about trends in protective coatings and how the trend towards sustainability is shaping the sector. 

European Coatings, March 21, 2023

Derbyshire Companies Mark British Science Week by Celebrating Work with Global Impact

"Thousands of farmers in Europe, the USA and India won't know that Dr. Kilsby's work has led to the smooth running of their agricultural vehicles, and, as a result: a higher level of food production and profit. But if it wasn't for her chemistry expertise, they would find their tractors wouldn't work for as long, or as well."

UK NEWS Group, March 17, 2023

Lubrizol Introduces Sulfur-free Driveline Lubricant Technology for EV transmissions and E-axles

"Transmission fluids, including ATFs, can contain additives that are not relevant for e-transmissions. For example, they may contain additives for torque converter clutches which are nonexistent in BEV transmissions. Having a dedicated e-fluid optimized for specific hardware designs delivers optimum performance."

Charged, March 6, 2023

in-cosmetics Global Announces 2023 Award Finalists

Lubrizol products featured were twice as finalists for two awards in the in-cosmetics Global awards, including the Functional Ingredient Award and the Green Ingredient Award.

Global Cosmetics Industry, March 3, 2023

Science company Lubrizol with Derbyshire HQ gives £28,000+ to Mind charity after holding its own Olympics

"Employees of Lubrizol, a science company with a Derbyshire headquarters, have helped support large numbers of people across the country with their mental health after raising a whopping £28,282 for mental health charity Mind." 

Love Business East Midlands, March 1, 2023

Can Cleveland Transition to Clean Energy?

Lubrizol's Avon Lake facility has nonhazardous industrial waste converted into compressed natural gas before being siphoned back into the local grid. In doing so, the company diverted 185,000 pounds of waste from landfills. 

Cleveland Magazine, February 28, 2023

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